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Our Philosophy inlingua®'s business philosophy was and remains clearly defined. The main principles are listed below : We view ourselves as a group of independent contractors in the business of language teaching. Markets that are in any way connected with or associated to the field of languages may also be dealt with. The federating features consist of the inlingua brand and slogan, a homogenous company design, a unique teaching method, and pedagogical tools. inlingua® is a world-renowned symbol of quality in the field of language teaching and connected services. Apart from these federating features, each contractor maintains a level of individuality and is free to take whatever action is necessary to succeed on the local market with inlingua. The inlingua® International School of Languages plc. headquarters provides all services required for good management as well as adequate products to inlingua® owners. Typically, inlingua® centre owners are personally responsible for the good management and development of their own school. We are viewed as providers of language training of the highest quality. A significant investment is thus to be expected. We are the designated partners of any person, company, organisation, federation and administration that uses the services of an outside entity for teaching languages to its associates. The quality and personality we are able to offer on a local level are the result of inlingua®'s international expertise. Our method The inlingua® method is unique in the world. From the very start you will speak and think in your new language, your trainer's mother tongue. You will hear the sound of your new language and then use what you have just studied in a dialogue. You will learn your new language free from anxiety and without the need for translation. Grammar in our method is not delved upon, it is put into practise. Courses are generally given in a group setting. Within our organisation, we are constantly working to improve and perfect our methods, with a view to filling the individual demands of our students better and improving the dynamism of our groups. We thus define small groups of 8 participants maximum, circles (4 to 5 people), trios (2 or 3 people) and finally individually tailored programmes (see 'method' heading on

School name:Inlingua Luxembourg
Address:5, rue de Hesperange
Zip & city:LUX-1731 Hesperange
Phone:+35 2 40 35 47

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