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Inlingua Marseille

inlingua PROVENCE is a member of the organization of international inlingua Schools of Language in Berne, Switzerland. Established in 1968, this organization of private language schools with almost 300 members throughout the world uses the most modern pedagogical developments and teaching methods.

A team of experts from many different countries constantly incorporate class room experience and new ideas into our teaching material.

The inlingua method of teaching languages is based on practical experience in language teaching. It is an optimal combination of exclusive teaching techniques and learnware. Its primary objective is to help the learner to speak and understand effectively a foreign language. To read and write is a secondary , if important objective. It is only by speaking the language that the learner acquires oral competence.

The Teacher
* conducts the lesson only in the target language
* gives the learner the opportunity to speak as much as possible during the lesson
* conducts the greater part of the lesson orally, with the book closed
* concentrates more on teaching structures than on teaching individual words
* controls his/her teaching in such a way that most of the sentences produced by the learner are correct
* diagnoses the extent of the learner's knowledge before supplying a model or providing a solution himself/herself
* keeps theoretical explanations to a minimum
* encourages the learner to play a creative role in the learning process
* observes the principles of applied psychology
* combines the structural and functional approaches to language teaching.

School name:Inlingua Marseille
Address:33 Boulevard de la Liberté
Zip & city:F-13001 Marseille
Phone:+33 491 28 38 18

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