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INLINGUA was set up in PARMA in 1998 and, since then, has acquired an excellent reputation for high quality language training. Every year an increasing number of people rely on the professionalism of ININGUA PARMA’s staff. Why choose Inlingua Parma? Because: - We welcome YOU in a comfortable and professional environment. - We dedicate time to understanding YOUR needs (“why you do you have to learn/improve the target language?) - Together we can find the best possible solution for YOU - We have the solution for every possible request thanks to our diverse range of programmes which have been created by our research and development centre in Bern (Switzerland) - We offer YOU continuous assistance throughout your course - Listening to YOU is fundamental for us to be able to offer you the most complete and efficient service - We follow YOU step-by-step throughout your training making modifications to programmes when and if necessary - We teach YOU to communicate in the target language from the very beginning without having to translate from your native language so as to help you think directly in the new language. - Our teachers are not only highly qualified native speakers but they have also attended a teacher training seminar, held by the Director, at our centre in Parma to learn to teach using the inlingua method. - YOU will find lessons interesting, entertaining and professional - YOU can fill in the gaps in your scholastic language training education - INLINGUA’s objective is to completely satisfy YOU by fulfilling each and every one of YOUR needs . Individual Courses Inlingua is fully aware that your needs aren’t necessarily the same as another person’s. That’s why we can organize a course for you which is 100% client oriented and is solely based on your language needs and needs related to flexibility and scheduling. During one-to-one lessons you have the “leading role” and will speak for the majority of the time. You will put structures and new vocabulary into practice very quickly as you do not share your time with any other learner. The individual course is flexible because it gives you the possibility to attend lessons on days and at times that are convenient for you. The course is flexible in terms of frequency of lessons and duration of the course as well. Intensive courses: Do you have to face an important negotiation? Do you have to face a new project abroad? Do you feel you need preparation for an important interview? Would you like to fill in the gaps in your scholastic language training in as little time as possible? If you have to “brush up” your language skills in general or if you have to acquire mastery of the language for specific purposes our intensive course is the solution to your needs. Group Courses: Groups are formed with a limited number of participants who have the same knowledge of the target language. The quality of language learning depends on the number of times each person actively participates (speaks) during a lesson: therefore, inlingua offers group training in small groups with a limited number of people. Learning within a group is stimulating and enjoyable and is suited to those who can share their experiences with their classmates. Group courses are for those who wish to learn in the company of others without having to give up a direct relationship with the teacher.

School name:Inlingua Parma
Address:Piazza Badalocchio 5 / A
Zip & city:I-43100 Parma
Phone:+39 0521 98 94 06

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