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Inlingua Pesaro

inlingua® is the largest international group for language consultation and training. inlingua® Pesaro was founded almost 30 years ago and courses are run by highly qualified, fully trained staff. Pesaro also takes full advantage of the wealth of experience offered by inlingua® International education and training which since 1968 has been gathering knowledge and contributions from each of its 300 branches world-wide in order for inlingua® to become a specialist in language learning. DIFFERENT PROPOSALS FOR COMPANIES AND PRIVATE STUDENTS Current relations are international, there are no more borders: work, economics, study, culture, interpersonal relations, travels, holidays... communication is at the basis of everything. inlingua® offers all companies and private students (be they adults or children, students, researchers or professionals) distinctive and personalised language courses and it also offers a wide range of translating and interpreting services guaranteeing excellent results and competence with foreign interlocutors inlingua® Pesaro language courses are held daily from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm, 12 months a year. CONTINUOUS CYCLE LESSONS inlingua® group courses start at any time throughout the year. The groups are made up of a limited number of people at the same language level. LANGUAGE LEVEL TESTING inlingua® offers everyone the possibility of assessing their language knowledge by means of a written classification test that is FREE OF CHARGE and NOT BINDING. This enables inlingua® staff to suggest the course and study programme that is best suited to each student. THE inlingua® METHOD: Languages are learnt by speaking… The inlingua® method allows qualified trainers to provide communicative language training worldwide. You learn a language by speaking and listening. The teacher is in constant direct communication with the student through conversation and encourages him/her to speak, write and read by motivating his/her learning and participation capabilities. From the very start the lesson is held in the target language, echoing what would happen if the student were abroad. Group courses also have few students allowing all participants to contribute and receive the complete attention of the teacher. Our teachers are mother tongue graduates who have attended inlingua® International's exclusive TEACHER TRAINING COURSE and have access to the most modern teaching aids (books, cassettes, audiovisuals and multi-medial aids). Nonetheless a teacher is always present in a lesson. Inlingua Pesaro offers the possibility of consolidating what has been learnt during the lesson by practicing structures using a computer or other multi-medial instruments, all FREE OF CHARGE.

School name:Inlingua Pesaro
Address:Via Giolitti, 159
Zip & city:I-61100 Pesaro
Phone:+39 0721 41 41 41

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