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inlingua international With more than 300 schools worldwide, inlingua is one of the biggest and most experienced language centres. inlingua clients benefit from competence founded on 30 years experience as well as the informal and friendly atmosphere of the inlingua school in Graz. A uniform quality standard makes it possible for you to attend further courses at any of inlingua’s 300 other international schools, continuing where you left off. The inlingua trainers Our teachers are experts in their field. Acquiring and developing skills is a continual process in the inlingua-teacher-training-network. The inlingua method Learning a forein language is quick and effective with inlingua’s direct method - there is no laborious swotting of grammar and vocabulary. Teaching focuses on the development of oral skills. Our teaching material The fact that inlingua produces its own language material means that our Methods and Material Center can constantly stay abreast of developments in the teaching field and coordinate our state-of -the-art range of products accordingly. This translates into an advantage for you: at inlingua you can always count on cost-effective, up-to-date language training. Inlingua Graz The school was founded in 1996 by Gaby Gmeindl and Carla Homann-Schartl. As part of the international inlingua network, the school in Graz has established itself as an institution of highest quality and as one of the city's top addresses for foreign language training. The school is situated directly opposite the Technical University. There are bars & restaurants nearby. Spacious and friendly classrooms and a break-room form a pleasant learning environment. Intensive German (SCHNELLKURS) in mini-groups The intensive German course comprises 20 training periods of German at all levels from beginners to advanced in just one week's time. The classroom sessions last 4 lesson periods each, including a segment with the interactive video. In addition, there are written drills to reinforce the material covered in class at home. Working in homogeneous groups is a highly efficient way to acquire the oral skills so vital to life in a foreign country. By challenging the students with real-life situations and carefully structured questions, the teacher keeps the class thinking in German from the very first lesson. Group size: 3-6 students/group* Minimum age: 15 years old Course length: from 2 weeks on Accommodation inlingua will be happy to support you choosing accommodation. All accommodation is available on a first-come-first-serve basis: - Hotel - Pensions - Student Dormitory - Family Accommodation - Guest-house

School name:Inlingua
Address:Rechbauerstr. 23
Zip & city:A-8010 Graz
Phone:++43 (0)316 36 12 80

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