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What is Inlingua? inlingua Madrid is a pedagogical part of an international network of inlingua language schools, an entity which was established in 1968, with its headquarters in Bern (Switzerland), with more than 300 languages schools in 4 continents, and with an exclusive method, implying secured and comparable results, since decades thus facilitating the learning of languages tailored to different sectors in terms of private and professional usage. The Inlingua Method The use of a language is considered as a working tool and as a precise means of communication in inlingua where and when another language, which is not your mother tongue, is spoken, taking into account the several situations where it can take place, such as the enterprise, at a meeting, with customers, in a job interview, on telephone, a visit to relatives abroad or just on tourism. Our intention is focused basically on real needs of our students, therefore obtaining a maximum efficiency, satisfaction and dynamism. How do we achieve it? Immediately applying what is learnt. Speaking. A communication structure is introduced through semi-controlled dialogues so as to be able to learn by heart in a natural and precise manner. In this way, our students will became aware of its usefulness, thus naturally overcoming the grammatical theory. The functional structure is clearly seen, thus its use and understanding will be quick. Levels inlingua determines the levels as required by the European Council Assessment. Thus we have 3 levels and sub-levels: * Functional (A1 and A2) * Operative (B1 and B2) * Professional (C1 and C2) - Functional (A1 and A2) Oral skills: Participating in a simple conversation on topics about reality and habitual situations. Using simple expressions to describe the residence and people known. Being able to communicate in a simple and direct way in daily life. Writing skills: Filling in applications with personal data, writing simple letters, acknowledgement letters, etc. - Operative (B1 and B2) Oral skills: Spontaneous conversations as to daily life (e.g. family, hobbies, worksite, trips and present events). Briefly explain and justify opinions and projects. Clearly and detailing describe various topics related to own speciality. Writing skills: Working personal letters, describing experiences and giving impressions.Writing compositions or reports giving information and proposing and motives, which support or refuse a specific point of view. Professional (C1 and C2) Oral skills: Expressing with fluency and being spontaneous without adhering evidently to structured expressions. Giving precise ideas and opinions as well as being a participating speaker. Clear and fluid description with an appropriate style within the context with a logical and effective structure. Writing skills: Writing about complex topics, essays, compositions or reports. Writing texts in clarity and showing fluency applying an adequate style. Summarising and reviewing professional and literary subjects.

School name:Inlingua
Address:Sta Anna, 2
Zip & city: Escaldes-Engordany
Phone:+376 86 61 11

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