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METHODOLOGY AND MATERIALS The aim of the INSTITUTO DE ESPAÑOL "COSTA RICA" is to enable students to really communicate in the Spanish language. For this reason our methodology is based on a new concept of TOTAL IMMERSION in the Spanish language. All materials integrate Spanish language education in the four linguistic abilities: speaking, comprehension, reading and writing. For this purpose we developed our own teaching materials including discussions, role plays, listening exercises, newpapers, literature and videos. Daily life situations, like restaurants or supermarkets or the post office, as well as idiomatic expressions and special terms are incorporated in every level to assure 100% communication success. At the end of our courses students leave our programs equipped with a knowledge of Spanish that is useful, culturally applicable, and long-lasting. Programs explore the language as it is used in today’s Spanish speaking communities. TEACHING STAFF Highly-qualified teachers with university degrees guarantee the best learning result. Our teachers enjoy their profession because they consider it a vocation! THE COURSES a) Group classes All year through, the INSTITUTO DE ESPAÑOL"COSTA RICA" offers group classes in all levels. After the placement test students are incorporated in the group corresponding his/her knowledge of Spanish. We teach in SMALL GROUPS assuring the PERSONALIZED ATTENTION to our students’ needs. b) Individual classes These classes are designed for all of those participants who have a limited amount of time and therefore need to attain communication success as soon as possible. The themes of the teaching material as well as rhythm of learning are determined by the student. The exclusive attention of the teacher is the key to success and above-average learning progress. c) Special courses * Medical Spanish * Spanish for legal purposes * Business Spanish * Spanish for Missionaries and Religious institutions * Spanish for Teachers

Zip & city:1405-2100 San José
Phone:(+506) 280-6622

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