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Instituto Pablo Picasso

The Spanish school Pablo Picasso was founded in 1982, and since then more than 15.000 Spanish learners from all over the world have successfully participated in its spanish courses in Malaga. As one of the longest-standing schools of Malaga, it is located on one of the most characteristic spots in town, the square ‘Plaza de la Merced’, in a historic 19th Century building forming part of the ancient town centre. Just fifty metres from the Institute, you find, converted into a museum nowadays, the house where Pablo Picasso, genius of 20th Century Art, was born on 25th October, 1881. Your first steps inside lead you to the school office where you receive all the necessary information on our courses of spanish in Malaga, accommodation facilities, school and leisure time activities, etc. You do not have to worry which language you may use, as you can be informed in Spanish, English, German, French and Japanese. Teachers: Next to the school offices, you will find the teachers’ room. Our Spanish school in Malaga counts on an expert team of highly qualified, native teachers dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language for more than 15 years, with university degrees in different fields, and providing you with a diversity of approaches to the language spoken by more than 400 million people in the world. Throughout all those years, we have been elaborating our proper didactic approach, uniting our entire teaching staff’s experience and knowledge warranting the acquisition of the Spanish language in the most effective way. You can achieve the same or even a better result in one of our four-week-courses spanish in Malaga than during an entire year of studies in your country. International accreditations such as the CEELE quality certificate, the acknowledgement as eligible centre for CSN grants by the Swedish government, and the Embassy of The People's Republic of China in Spain endorse our work. Our Institute has 9 illuminated, spacey and well equipped classrooms. Our maximum of 9 students per class allows efficiency of the learning process and noticeable advances to our participants. Facilities: Students with some Spanish notions can be integrated in our spanish courses in Malaga on any Monday of the year. Just beginners have to adapt to our official starting dates every fortnight. The time schedule for classes is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., though in spring or summer, seasons of higher participation, the Institute establishes an afternoon session from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. to maintain reduced class groups. The classes have a duration of 50 minutes. Students may read or borrow books (for free) from our library. The school has multimedia devices at its disposal such as videotheque including representative films, documentaries, musicals, etc. to complement Spanish learning with audio-visual material. Students have free access to the internet in their leisure time, counting on various terminals that also offer educational programmes, and bilingual dictionaries of Spanish in various languages. Within a few minutes’ walk from our Institute, you can enjoy our beaches, monuments, cinemas, the theatre, shopping centre, and the warm ‘ambiente’ of night life downtown, as our Spanish school is downtown. Spanish Courses in Malaga: Each course has a minimum duration of 2 weeks from Monday to Friday with 4 lessons of 50 minutes each per day from 10.00 to 14.00. In summer, we establish an afternoon session from 16.00 to 20.00 in order to maintain the number of students per class reduced to a maximum of 9. You can start on any Monday integrating in a level that has already been initiated before, just beginners should keep to the official starting dates of the spanish courses in Malaga calendar. The purpose of forming reduced groups (2 to 9 participants per class ) is to make learning more efficient and immediate by giving more opportunities to practise. You can choose from among the following spanish course types: - Standard Course: 4 lessons/day: 2 lessons of practical grammar, 2 lessons of conversation, reading, pronunciation, vocabulary, situational contexts (airport, bank, restaurant, etc.) - Extra-Standard I: 4 lessons + 1 private lesson/day - Extra-Standard II: 4 lessons + 2 private lessons/day - Intensive course: 4 lessons + 2 lessons in mini-group/day - Grammar Course: 4 lessons exclusively dedicated to grammar studies and practical exercises. Levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced - Commercial Spanish: 4 lessons /day + 1 lesson of Commercial Spanish course (economic terms, letter writing, personal, commercial, curriculum vitae, etc.) - Course on Spanish Literature I: 4 standard course lessons per day + 1 lesson per day on Spanish Literature (stylistic devices, general overview on the Spanish literature up to the 19th Century: Middle Ages, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Century.) - Course on Spanish Literature II: 4 standard course lessons per day + 1 lesson on Spanish Literature (stylistic devices, general vision on 20th Century literature, the crisis of the end of the century, other tendencies of prose, dramatics up to 1939, ‘Novecentismo’, avant-guard movements, literature in the exile and ‘theatre, novel and poetry since 1939’) - Course on HIstory: 4 standard course lessons + 1 lesson on Spanish history per day (outlook on the history of Spain as a whole, placing facts in their context, the most relevant events from a political, social and economic and artistic viewpoint.) - Course on Civilization and Culture: 4 standard course lessons + 1 lesson on Spanish Civilisation and Culture (contextual survey on Spanish culture and history as seen though history, art, literature; development of the skills of comprehension, expression, and compilation, analysis and comparison of data) - D.E.L.E: (Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma): exclusive preparation of the 4 skills at all levels, with material that has been used in the exams and was edited for D.E.L.E.) - Private Tuition: time schedule and contents can be chosen by the student Levels: - Beginners I/II - Intermediate I/II - Advanced I/II - Superior I/II

School name:Instituto Pablo Picasso
Address:Plaza de la Merced 20
Zip & city:3495 Málaga

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Instituto Pablo Picasso Language School Location

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