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Inticahuarina Spanish School

The school is dedicated to teaching the Spanish language to foreigners. IT offers the unique opportunity to study Spanish while immersed in Peruvian culture. Other activities such as Quechua Language (native language of the Incas), Salsa dance classes, local dance and theater experiences, and the opportunity to work With street children distinguish inticahuarina spanish school from the others. Spanish Courses: Knowing the Spanish language provides several advantages. Apart from contributing to personal and professional development, familiarity with the language opens the door to some twenty Spanish - Speaking countries throughout the world, each with its own unique culture. Our Method: The method used in our program is carefully thought out and designed with clear objectives in mind. Adaptable to each individual, our method IS both practical and personalized, meeting your needs by taking you gradually from one level to the next. We focus on the parallel integration of oral communication and grammar, with out ignoring the theoretical underpinnings of the language. We consider it necessary to create a specific program for each student. Grammar, speech, and technical/professional areas are stressed. we also factor in age and learning disabilities. We therefore offer a variety of texts able to fit each individuals needs on a psychodynamic basis. There are four learning levels: Basic Level: For students with no knowledge of Spanish. Students begin with the basic building-blocks of the language, such as everyday expressions and simple sentences. Initial Level: For students with an elementary knowledge of Spanish. This knowledge is reinforced as quickly as possible. The final goal within this level is for students to be able to express themselves in simple everyday situations. Intermediate Level: For students who can communicate in everyday situations. The main objective is for the student to obtain a better mastery of grammar, a larger vocabulary, and a greater fluency. Advanced Level: For students who already have a knowledge of the language, but need to perfect its use. Emphasis is on the student's particular oral or grammatical weaknesses or professional or vocational needs. Accomodation: Our classes in Peru are based on full immersion. After classes you can take part in cultural activities. In addition to classroom learning, we encourage you to practice speaking outside the school setting. We enable you to stay with a family, to live independently in Cusco , or to take part in our exchange program. By taking part in voluntary projects you can also practice your Spanish language skills outside classes. You can choose between three different options of accommodation within the city of Cuzco: Staying with a local guest family, staying at the Inticahuarina Student House, or staying with the native people of calca and pisac.

School name:Inticahuarina Spanish School
Address:Zarumilla Bloque 5-A 103-105
Zip & city: Cuzco
Phone:+51-84- 251481

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Inticahuarina Spanish School Language School Location

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