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The underlying concept of Language Studio is to make communication in Russian as easy and natural as in your mother tongue. We aim to offer you the most effective solutions in terms of communication for business, travel, career and everyday life. Our way of teaching is both simple and effective — we teach you language that you can immediately use on a daily basis. Being interested in you and your personality our teachers manage to create real-life situations during the lessons. This personalised and communicative approach works best. Being jointly Russian and British managed, Language Studio is able to bridge the cultural divide and ensure that you won't meet any misunderstandings that are common at other organisations. Methodology At Language Studio we use a Task-Based approach to learning, which has proved to be very successful and effective. Since we make communication, both oral and written, the central feature of language teaching, each lesson is thus aimed at the development of all language skills, such as speaking, listening, writing and reading. Study Russian in Style At Language Studio style and comfort are combined with the highest educational standards which are sure to match the expectations of the most demanding client. We make sure the time you spend studying Russian in Language Studio environment is relaxing, enjoyable and useful. Language Studio's facilities are of the highest quality and not found elsewhere in St. Petersburg. These include: * Free tea and coffee on demand * Free high speed internet access * Western & Russian magazines * Wi-Fi coverage * BBC World / CNN Style & comfort are essentials in learning The stylish and comfortable environment of Language Studio combined with cutting-edge technologies will let you get immersed in your target language. The “immersion technique” results in better language acquisition and efficiency. Study Russian in an adequate atmosphere Our groups are not just people who study together — they soon become colleagues or even friends with shared views and ideas, having a cup of coffee in between lessons and discussing everything from their business to families.

School name:Language Studio
Address:4, Petropavlovskaya St., (“Petrogradskaya” metro station)
Zip & city:197022 Saint Petersburg (ex Leningrad)
Phone:(812) 336-36-31

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