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Methodology At Language Studio we use a Task-Based approach to learning, which has proved to be very successful and effective. Since we make communication, both oral and written, the central feature of language teaching, each lesson is thus aimed at the development of all language skills, such as speaking, listening, writing and reading. Programmes We offer a wide variety of Russian language programmes which gives you the opportunity to choose the best type of learning according to the goals you have set. Communicative activities make each lesson at Language Studio an interesting and valuable experience. Group Russian Courses General Group This course is designed to encourage students to start using Russian in their everyday life. The number of participants in a group is not more than 6 which allows the teacher to give more personalised attention than is possible in schools with large groups. * emphasis on practical speaking and listening skills * role-play activities to mirror real-life situations * discovery approach to grammar Russkie Kaniculi (Russian Holidays) Combine study and leisure. 20 hours of weekly group study with fully inclusive activities programme. The programme varies depending on the season, but will typically include a night at the Mariinsky theatre, home of the Kirov Ballet company, tours of the Hermitage, Palace Parks and canals, and trips on the Metro - yes, it's a tourist attraction in its own right! And to the banya! Russian with Russian Literature & Film Fascinated by Russian Literature and Film? Want to be able to read and watch the originals? This course will take your interest and use that to further develop your Russian language through analysis of and debate about the classic Russian films and literature. You will also be introduced to some modern artists you may not yet have encountered. Russian in St. Petersburg Applying for a Russian course in St. Petersburg is a genuinely practical and exciting way both to improve your language and to visit one of the most culturally diverse and beautiful cities in Europe. The city's remarkable architecture and location are sure to impress you as well as a variety of restaurants, cafes and clubs that will make your stay in St. Petersburg enjoyable and relaxing.

School name:Language Studio
Address:4, Petropavlovskaya St., (“Petrogradskaya” metro station)
Zip & city:197022 Saint Petersburg (ex Leningrad)
Phone:(812) 336-36-31

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Language Studio

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Address: 4, Petropavlovskaya St., (“Petrogradskaya” metro station)