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Latina Spanish School

The School

Latina Spanish School has been created as part of the Fenix high school extension program to teach Spanish as a second language. Established in 1991, Fenix is a prestigious primary and secondary private school in Mendoza.

Our Spanish school offers classes combined with extracurricular activities, so the students are able to meet the locals and learn more about Argentina and Latin American way of life. Students will be able to be in contact with primary and secondary pupils by presenting their country in Spanish to them and exchanging experiences.

Course Description

This course focuses on integrating all the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
The emphasis is on communication skills, improvement in fluency and confidence in speaking Spanish.

Minimum age to participate on this course is 16 years old.
Group classes do not exceed 8 students.

Course length 2 – 15 weeks
Hours per week 20
Course schedule 15:00 - 19:00 Monday to Friday
Start date Each Monday

This is the 20-hour Standard course, plus the benefit of two specialized lessons every day. Students have the choice of afternoon options – “Charlemos” or “Letras”.
“Charlemos” focuses on speaking skills in everyday situations and will help students gain confidenze and fluency. Current topics are discussed and students are expected to take part in debates and voice their opinion.
“Letras” focuses on the skills of reading and writing. It is designed for highly motivated students determined to improve their level of Spanish. It is particulary useful for further academic studies in Spanish.

12 weeks is a perfect length of time for students who want to make a big improvement in their Spanish level, make some good friends, and gain a good understanding of life in a South American city.
The course includes 240 course classroom hours, an option to live with a local family and full-access to the afternoon activities programs that our Spanish language school has to offer.
Due to the length of the program, the course is open only to those who have a Beginners and Elementary level of Spanish.


At school

Latina Spanish School combines relaxation, fun and social contact as well as many opportunities to try out your language skills. An enjoyable way of really getting into the swing of things is through the leisure activities offered by Latina in addition to the lessons.

Some activities are already included in the cost of the courses and gives you the opportunity to find out more about Mendoza and its people. These are: Argentinian cooking, tango and salsa lessons, sport activities, city tours, watch and discuss argentinian and Latin films, groups of work with primary and secondary pupils, among others.
You will occationally be asked to pay for transport or the entrance to a special show.

Outdoor activities

You can also find out about Mendoza’s beautiful landscapes and all the adventure she offers. We work together with a tour operator through who you will be able to do a wide range of activities in this province. Some of these activities are: rafting, trekking & rappel, mountain bike, canopy and horseback ridings. Also, you can visit a lot of wineries and try its wines, go to the Aconcagua park, high mountains, San Rafael….

School name:Latina Spanish School
Address:Bandera de los Andes esq. Alfonsina Storni
Zip & city: Mendoza

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Latina Spanish School Language School Location

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