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LSS is different from other Spanish schools for the following reasons: 1. First of all, our courses are of the best quality. We offer a variety, for you to choose from with your individual necessities in mind. Our courses are intensive and are specialized for various professionals. All the courses can be combined with diverse excursions and a multitude of edu-tourist and cultural activities. 2. The maximum number of students in a class is limited to one; with the exception of when the school is full. Generally, we try to maintain the system of one-on-one, Rarely is there more than two or three students per class. In this way, we can offer a more ‘personal education’ which is individualized and of better quality. 3. Our courses are extremely effective because our method centers around the student. The classes and the method of education adapt to the individual needs of the student. 4. Our classes are interesting, practical, and at the same time effective. You will learn Spanish in ‘real communicative’ situations. This communicative method consists of the application of grammar to real situations beginning on the first day. 5. We are very proud of our educational system that has developed throughout the years, with long professional experience, and a specific preparation for ‘Spanish as a second language’. 6. Throughout the course you will be given novel training materials to learn our language. Materials of study published by most of the prestigious Hispanic editorials. We also use materials created by our own professors. LSS provides these materials to you the first day of class. 7. The student is given a small ‘quiz’ every Friday to evaluate his/her progress. In addition, at the end of course, LSS gives out a Certificate to each student which includes the results of the weekly evaluations. 8. The ‘home-stay’ families are carefully selected for you, so while you learn Spanish, you feel totally integrated in a Nicaraguan family. Within this Latin American family, you can coexist in the middle of a very attractive, familiar atmosphere. Or if you prefer, you can make your own lodging arrangements with the local hostels and/or hotels. 9. Interactive existential program that will allow you to know the Nicaraguan / Hispanic-American native and be able to practice with them; using what you have learned in class. This practice aids you in learning the Spanish language more quickly. 10. As well as classroom learning, we also offer the opportunity for you to learn during our various ‘Activities’. Some of these activities include surf, Latin cultural excursions, wildlife reserves, dances, and more. We arrange activities to suit the students interest. 11. The opportunity of getting to know people from many different countries, different ages and many diverse interests and backgrounds . 12. The excellent climate of Nicaragua throughout the year, as well as the joy, amiability, and warmth of the "nicas". 13. Our school enjoys an enviable location in two of the touristic cities from Nicaragua. In San Juan del Sur, (San Juan of the South) the School is located less than 100 meters off the beach in a calm, tranquil area with many services: including bank, bars, post office, stores, Internet cafes, Police Station etc. In León the School is in the centre of the colonial city with many universities and young students. 14. Besides learning Spanish, you will get to know our colonial cities. The strategic location of San Juan del Sur allows easy travel to cities like Granada, Managua, or Leon via the international Pan-American highway. 15. We offer THE BEST QUALITY FOR YOUR PRICE in Latin America. Who we are? What we do? The Latinamerican Spanish School was developed by and is run by Nicaraguan instructors, most of them are from San Juan del Sur. In LSS we believe the best way for to learn Spanish is with natives speakers, and a total immersion program. We believe that the instructors are the most important connection between you and the progress you make learning Spanish. That is why all our teachers are trained specially to give to you the best, and all of them are Spanish native speakers. What is more, they all have many years of experience teaching ours beautiful Spanish language to students like you and they enjoy what they are doing. When you see back, you'll don't realize about the time, because the learning is faster.

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