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A speciality

From our offices in the heart of the Futuroscope’s Technological Centre we organise from April to October intensive training courses in French as a Foreign Language which develop the immediate, spontaneous and regular communication in the French language by encouraging intercultural exchanges and meetings.

An expertise

Not only have we drawn from our worldwide experience in the field of teaching French as a Foreign Language to set up these training programmes, we have above all consulted our students directly about their needs and experiences with traditional language holidays.

A concept

This allows us today to be the only ones in a position to offer you an original, efficient and innovative content which breaks away from the monotony of a single location and standard educational syllabus by providing a progressive, “on the road” language journey in which lessons, language practice and discovery of the country are intimately linked.
A programme

In groups of no more than 12 people, you will go on a 2 or 4 week journey, accompanied by a team of teaching, cultural activities and tourism experts, you will discover 4 of the most beautiful French regions, all the while following a teaching programme which has been carefully designed to encourage your immersion into the French culture.

The levels

To verify your language knowledge before your arrival in France and to thus guarantee a suitable training, we have created an online language test in keeping with the Council of Europe’s levels.


It is our belief that a language can only be properly learned in the context of a total linguistic immersion and can only be truly understood when put into its cultural context.

We are also convinced that through the learning of languages and the discovery of different cultures it is possible to contribute to international understanding.

Our prime vocation is therefore to do our utmost so that your stay in France is not only synonymous with linguistic progress but also an enriching personal experience.


Communication is above all accepting the difference and making the choice of going towards the other. But in order to accept the difference, one has to understand it first.

An adventure

Lingua Ex Itinere, « Language is a journey », filled with encounters and exchanges.

Thanks to the activities and meetings on offer throughout your tour you will continuously be able to observe and live the French lifestyle.

This will not only allow you to absorb the French culture, but also to reflect on your own by comparing it to the French one and to those of your fellow travel companions.

Supporting material

To ensure the application of this programme and in order to set up activities adapted to the environment of each region, we have created a set of course booklets.

These are adapted to the different group levels and contain a vocabulary, grammar references and many original or adapted documents.
Handed out at the beginning of the training and completed as the linguistic and cultural journey progresses, the course booklet is used daily with you trainer. It is yours to keep at the end of your trip, so that you can refer back to it at any time during your future practice of the language.

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