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Mandarin House Language Institute


Placement Test
All students are encouraged to take a placement test consisting of a written test and an oral test. This will assess the appropriate course level before starting.


Professional Text books.
Materials developed by our own or other professional organizations.
Hand - outs such as newspapers and magazines
Multimedia-CD-ROM, Audio CD

Mandarin House puts a strong emphasis on both practical and essential skills. Half of the class time (50%) is concentrated on speaking and listening comprehension, role - play, group dynamics and vocabulary games. The remaining class time is spent reviewing, and dealing with personal experiences and different daily situations. In order to enhance our students listening comprehension, we will change a teacher every four to eight weeks.
Learn in Life
Teachers will organize field trips for students to practice their language in a real life situation.

Feedback Questionnaire
Students are required to fill out a questionnaire to let us know if you have been satisfied with our service. This helps us to constantly improve our quality.

Developmental Report
A developmental report every 20 to 30 lessons will allow students to check on your progress. However, you can get personalized feedback from your teachers at any time.

Quality System
Mandarin House conducts section evaluations to assess abilities of each teacher. Our Training Department conducts regular meetings and also observes classes and supervises our team of teachers.

At the end of course, we will issue a Mandarin House certificate to those students who have more than 80% attendance and pass the course - end test. This certificate includes the duration and name of the course, plus a commentary on the students' proficiency level.


Mandarin House can arrange living accommodations to optimize your experience in China. You have a choice of different types of accommodations with average distance to school between 20 and 40 minutes.

Requests for living accommodations must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the start date. Minimum stay is two weeks.

For all types of accommodations the price for one week includes accommodations from Sunday to Saturday. To avoid expenses for extra nights, please schedule your arrival on Sundays and your departure on Saturdays.

School name:Mandarin House Language Institute
Address:Suite 807 Building A No.7 Dongsanhuan Zhong Rd. Chaoyang District
Zip & city: Beijing
Phone:+86 10 65309679

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