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Mester Spanish Language Courses

The school is equipped with spacious modern classrooms, reference library, computer room with Internet access, assembly halls and common rooms for private study or meetings. All our schools use the same teaching methods too so it is possible to divide your stay between several cities without disrupting your studies. The maximum number of students at the school is 300 in the summer months and 100 in the winter.This means that we can offer each student a great deal of personal attention, so that any problems can be dealt with as they arise, to ensure optimum progress and satisfaction on the part of the student. The Mester Team is totally committed to helping our students really live Spanish. It’s clear to us this can´t be done simply from behind a desk in a classroom, so we make sure we have a hand ourselves in all the goings on and activities. We´re young, open, dynamic, motivated and our wide-ranging and solid experience makes us experts when it comes to teaching Spanish to foreigners. We work together to develop all the Mester teaching materials and techniques and regularly attend courses designed to update and improve our teaching skills. Our programs are designed to give our students the chance to learn Spanish and at the same time experience life in the most attractive cities in Spain. We want their time here to be unforgettable, so we place as much emphasis on culture as we do on language.We find that this helps our students approach the course itself in a more positive way. Moreover, we are always at their side to answer questions and to help resolve potential problems. Our philosophy is without a doubt to watch out for our students’ well being at all times. A few reasons to study with MESTER: The majority of the people who come to study with us do so through the recommendations of former students. Clearly then we are dedicated to giving every one of our yearly 5000 students a positive and memorable experience, for their enthusiasm serves as the greatest advertisement for our school. We make sure that every course is stimulating, up-to-date and above all effective.To this end we have put together a team of highly qualified and committed teachers, all enthusiastic about Spanish culture and language and eager to help students to appreciate them fully. Along with our own work we use carefully selected modern teaching materials from the most prestigious Spanish publishers.Above all we place great emphasis on enjoyment, ensuring that our students not only learn the language but do so in a friendly and open environment. Our Client Services Department is available for consultation before, during and after your enrolment on our courses. It is of the utmost importance to us that you clearly understand all the information provided and we work hard to evaluate and apply student feedback to resolve problems and complaints and to constantly improve our teaching performance. Our Department of Teaching Methodologies constantly reviews the methods and materials used in our classes to ensure that the standard of excellence is maintained. Through the initial placement exam and the daily observations of our teachers we try to identify the specific needs of each student, taking into consideration the layout of the class, in particular the student’s motivation for learning Spanish, be it cultural, professional, or simply preparation for an exam. Communication is more than the principal objective of our programs. It is our very philosophy.With this in mind, should you have any questions about our courses, study locations or any other element of the program, please don´t hesitate to contact us.We can put together a program that meets your needs, adapting the course content depending on your objectives and the time available.We´re always ready to help you choose the right course, find the kind of housing you’d prefer or answer any question to ensure you get the most out of your program. UK ´A´ Level Revision Course (J) This is a course of twenty-five lessons per week with a maximum of five students per class.The course lasts from one to four weeks, and is catered specifically for the needs of A-Level Spanish students from any examining board in the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland. There are two basic characteristics of the course: (1) The integration of all the linguistic skills required, and (2) a flexibility and adaptation to the specific needs of each student. The principal objective is the consolidation of grammatical structures and vocabulary using specialised exercises.There is also a focus on perfecting oral expression.This is done through the preparation of presentations in which the student has to express opinions and ideas in a number of different registers.

School name:Mester Spanish Language Courses
Zip & city: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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