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Modern Mandarin

How is Modern Mandarin different from other language training centers?

- We have a proven, highly effective, and modern teaching method to teach Mandarin .
- Our teachers are professionally trained to deliver maximum learning results.
- We offer complete flexibility in time, location, and learning methods.
- We have a well structured, sequenced, customizable curriculum.
- We offer unique children's courses which, through games, songs and activities, teach children Mandarin.
- We offer eight different kinds of Chinese Culture Courses which can make your life in China more interesting and adaptable.
- You also have the convenience of leaving your children at our day care centre while you have your lessons.

Mandarin Courses Offered:

1. Beginner Level Communication Skills
2. Intermediate Level Communication Skills
3. Pre-advanced Level Communication Skills
4. Advanced Level Communication Skills
5. Professional Level Communication Skills

We have:
* Highly qualified Teachers
* Flexible Times and Locations
* Modern teaching methods
* Comfortable Environment
* Tailor-Made Course Materials

Instead of a difficult academic application, the class is structured to be comprehensive and practical. Teachers provide the appropriate cultural guidance along with the language training. The conversation and reading comprehension training places an emphasis on daily practical tasks, such as greeting people, order food and drink, go shopping, transportation, office talks, etc. The situational instruction allows you to accurately grasp the language efficiently.

Objective: To learn Chinese phonetics, conversational words, and basic sentence structures. Upon completion of this level, students should have a command of about 1,000 basic words, 200 sentence patterns. The course concentrates on developing key language and practical skills in situations, enabling students to function more effectively in a wide variety of daily life and work situations.

Objective: Suitable for those who possess a vocabulary of approximately 1,000 words, this level focuses on topics concerning the overseas experience in China, whether it be living, working or traveling within China. The course is both practical and interesting. Upon completion of this level, students will be able to speak fluent Chinese in daily life and office talk, know about 1500 daily expressions&sentence patterns and grasp about 2000 words, and to be able to read simple Chinese texts and write characters.

Objective: To communicate with Chinese people on various topics and express their opinions clearly using correct intonation as well as around a 3000 word vocabulary in Chinese. Students will have a better understanding of Chinese TV and newspapers.Will also improve their Chinese communication competence at work. To learn some business-related topics including economy, finance and law, to improve communication skills in business circles.

Objective: Tailored to specific student needs.

Specialized Courses:

* Shanghai Dialect
* HSK Test Training
* Mandarin for Cantonese
* Doing Business in China

School name:Modern Mandarin
Address: Room510,Ruijin Business Center, No. 96 Zhaojiabang Road
Zip & city: Shanghai
Phone:+(86) (21)6437 4808

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Modern Mandarin Language School Location

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