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New Zealand International Business College

English courses:

* English (ESOL) Elementary
* English (ESOL) Pre-Intermediate
* English (ESOL) Intermediate
* English (ESOL) Upper-Intermediate
* English (ESOL) Advanced
* Supplementary IELTS Preparation.
* English + Business
* English for Teachers
* New Zealand Experience Programme

We offer English at five levels, from elementary to advanced level. We also have Special Interest English courses, which can be as short as 4 weeks.

Flexible Programmes

Our programmes are particularly flexible. You can study during the day or in the evenings. You can study full-time or part-time. You can choose how fast you want to learn with up to 30 hours a week of class-time. You can even include one-to-one tutoring in your programme. You can start a course on the first day of any week.

You can study for as long as you like. However, government-subsidised fees and student allowances for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents are only available for complete programmes leading to NZQA approved qualifications.

Study Intensity

All our full-time programmes require about 30 hours per week of study - made up of class-time and self-study including homework.

* Standard programmes: 15 hours per week class-time covering the essential material.
* Intensive programmes: 20 hours per week class-time covering the essential material plus extra skill practice.
* Super-intensive programmes: Up to 30 hours per week class-time including training towards the IELTS examination OR evening classes to reinforce your daytime programme. Available at intermediate level or higher.
* Executive programmes: 25 hours per week including the 20 hours class-time as per the Intensive programme plus 5 hours per week of one-to-one tutoring from an trained ESOL teacher

School name:New Zealand International Business College
Address:60 Rockfield Rd, Penrose
Zip & city:74-227  Penrose
Phone:+64 (9) 580 1500

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New Zealand International Business College Language School Location

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