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Portuguese Language

:: Methodology
Our methodology is objective and leads to a quick and efficient learning of Portuguese as required by a foreigner living in Brazil: it is a practical program which prepares a student for daily social and professional life.

A student accomplishing the full course will reach an excellent communicative status, which will enable him or her to a real socio-cultural and professional integration in Brazil.

Our methodology is interactive, focusing on vocabulary aspects, understanding and current communicative practices and idioms. Grammar plays a role related to time and place and it is thus taught. Since grammar is always complex, we have opted for teaching it in the most "organic" way, integrated into current communicative and interactive situations, taking contemporary Portuguese for a basis, as spoken by cultured Brazilians.Already in first class, the student "talks" and uses Portuguese language, in a very personal way. We do not support tiresome memorization drills as usual in the so-called direct methods.

: Learning materials
Brazilian popular songs, ads, press news, DVD's, CD's, movies, videos, TV and radio news. All learning materials are very concrete, the real stuff a student faces in his or her daily life. This leads to a stronger motivation.

:: Three stages
The course is divided in three stages, each one taking 60 hours: basic, intermediate and advanced.

School name:Portuguese Language
Address:Rua Timýteo da Costa - Leblon
Zip & city:22450-130 Rio de Janeiro

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Portuguese Language Language School Location

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