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Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies

The Arabic language is a treasure of knowledge for those who know its value. It is a door to an old and rich civilization and for Muslims a key to divinely inspired knowledge. Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies has been long-established to teach Arabic as a language to students who are from non-Arab speaking countries. With many other Arabic language centers also located in Cairo, We believe that our years of proven experience in the field, our adherence to the correct methodology, and distinctive teaching style makes us unique in this great city. QIAS has the goal to expand the usage and understanding of the Arabic language globally. We aim to achieve this by developing high caliber students from around the world who will then take this language back to their lands and their people. We do not see you just as a mere customer, you are a vital component in achieving our goal. Therefore, you will be given the maximum attention possible. Below is an outline of what each level focuses upon. Prep Level - Qwaaid Baghdaadi, Reading and Writing Arabic script, computer programs teaching letter recognition and pronunciation. Level 1 - Picture book (Kitaab-us-Suar) + Listening exercises / Grammar (Nahwu) + Comprehension (At-Tabeer) Level 2 - Morphology (Sarf) + - Reading + Writing (Al-Qira'at wa Kitaaba) + Listening exercises. Level 3 - Reading + Writing (Al-Qira'at wa Kitaaba) + Grammar (Nahwu). Level 4 - Grammar (Nahwu) / Comprehension (At-Tabeer). Level 5 - Reading (Al-Qira'at) / Morphology (Sarf). Level 6 - Writing (Kitaaba) / Grammar (Nahwu). Level 7 - Comprehension (At-Tabeer) / Grammar (Nahwu + Alifiyyat ibn Maalik) Level 8 - Writing (Kitaaba) / Grammar (Nahwu + Alifiyyat ibn Maalik) Level 9 - Grammar (Nahwu + Alffiyyat ibn Maalik) / Reading (Al Qira'at). Level 10 - Comprehension (At-Tabeer) / Grammar (Nahwu + Alifiyyat ibn Maalik). Level 11 - Literature (Adab) Text analysis (Balaagha + Naqd) / Grammar (Nahwu + Sarf + Alifiyyat ibn Maalik). Level 12 - Literature (Adab) Text analysis / Balaagha + Naqd. You can also choose an optional subject along with your main course from the following: Level 1: Qur'aan. Levels 2, 3, 4: Qur'aan or Hadith. Levels 5, 6, 7: Qur'aan, Hadith, Fiqh or Hadith. Levels 8, 9, 10, 11, 12: Qur'aan, Hadith, Fiqh, Hadith or Tareek (History). QIAS accommodation service is efficient and devoted to locating what is requested by the student. Finding the necessary living arrangements in a foreign country can be one of the hardest things to deal with so we strive to provide a service that is uncomplicated and complements your stay and studies with us. Please read the following: If you want us to find a place for you, you have the following options: 1) We will find you an apartment as near to your description as possible. You will go straight from the airport to the flat. 2) If you want to choose your own apartment from a group of flats that we may have then we advice you to stay in a hotel or QIAS flat, if it is available until you have chosen the apartment that is suitable. 3) If a QIAS flats are vacant and you decide to stay there on a daily basis until you leave then you can do so. Arrangement of rent fees will then be determined based on the duration of stay.

School name:Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies
Address: Hussam Basune Street, Block 53, Building 3, Area 9
Zip & city: Cairo
Phone:+20(2) 272 4810

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Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies Language School Location

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