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Seattle Languages International

Our Language Institute serves students not only in Seattle but also in areas around Bellevue, Redmond, Tacoma and other cities in Washington.

Seattle Languages International believes that learning a foreign language can help forge relationships between people of different cultures. We want to offer the opportunity of learning a language to people of all ages at an affordable rate.

There are many reasons why people want to learn a foreign language. Some people like to travel abroad and they simply want to understand local people, feel comfortable in their country and also show their appreciation for that culture. Other people have friends or simply want to make friends with others of different backgrounds. Speaking someone else's language will help to understand that culture and will help to break down barriers that divide people and nations.

Learning a language can also have an economic aspect. In our global world more and more companies are training staff in foreign languages and are also looking to recruit people with foreign language skills. Learning a language can improve your career prospects.

At our language school we teach more than 10 different foreign languages. We are an International team of highly skilled language instructors from all over the world. We offer language instruction for children, adults and also for corporations.

Learn a language! It is something that everyone can do. You are never too old or too young to learn a language! Why learning a language with Seattle Languages International?

* Dynamic and motivated instructors with native fluency
* Flexible and highly skilled instructors
* International multicultural team of instructors
* Small classes with emphasis on conversational skills
* Different language levels
* Stress free and fun atmosphere
* Children language programs
* Language instruction for corporations
* Affordable rates
* Affordable classes and private lessons
* For most classes there is no need to buy a textbook
* Our Special Deals
* Free Trial Free trial lessons
* Ability to create your own language class online and start as soon as there are enough students enrolled.
* Customized private group classes at your home
* We guarantee our students the best service we can give and deal with requests and criticism in a judicious and timely fashion.

Language Levels:
- Travel classes
- Conversational intro classes
- Level 2 classes
- Level 3 classes
- Level 4 classes
After level 4 - language classes are usually taught as private language programs

School name:Seattle Languages International
Address: PO Box 15936
Zip & city:98115  Seattle
Phone:(206) 729-5736

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Seattle Languages International Language School Location

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