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Sprachzentrum Göttingen

Our school is located in the pedestrian aerea of the historical centre of the town. You will find lots of coffee bars, pubs, discotheques, theatres and cinemas just around the corner. Also most of the bus routes stop outside our door. The Language Centre has a friendly atmosphere with highly motivated and qualified teachers. The school's philosophy is based on thoroughly student-oriented teaching methods which ensure lively and effective teaching and therefore fun for everyone involved. We have developed and refined a method that combines traditional grammar-based learning techniques with a game-oriented approach, one which makes language acquisition a pleasure and which is also designed to spark interest in a wide range of related subjects. It is our aim to make our students understand Germany by learning its language, and our school is intended to be an international meeting point that promotes intercultural exchange. To achieve this our teachers always integrate the most modern concepts of language teaching into their lessons. Our teachers as well as our administrational staff always assist the participants: Whether a student merely wants to chat or whether he needs linguistic advice or assistance when planning his or her free-time or excursions, there is always somebody there to ask. This relaxed atmosphere enables the teachers and students to become friends: And "Learning German with friends" is more fun and much more effective. Thus, if you are looking for language classes that encourage your speaking German, and for teachers that support you during your stay in Germany, it is our school you are seeking for. Courses - Fairytale-Course - German and Football-Courses - Intensive-Courses - Summer Courses - Easter Course - Junior-Courses - TestDaF-Preparation-Courses - Power-Courses - Group Courses Accommodation Staying with Families You will find our host families (among others single women) open, friendly and keen to help. We cannot promise to find you a "typical German family," for the simple reason that there is no such thing! However, you can be certain that your host family will be very different from your own family back home, and they will definitely give a warm welcome to the new member of their household. Private Room You will stay with a "Single" or with a family who will provide you with a typical german breakfast. This form of living is comparable with the english "bed and breakfast" Shared Flats Lots of German students live in flatshares, with two or more people sharing an apartment or house. Each student has his or her own room while the lounge, kitchen and bathroom are communal. Student Housing In a student housing you will be staying in a single room that belongs to a student of the University of Göttingen who is on vacation. You will be living on the same floor with about 10 other students with whom you will share the communal rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom. Apartments You will have an apartment of your own with your own private kitchen and bathroom.

School name:Sprachzentrum Göttingen
Address:Sprachzentrum Eine Welt e.V.
Zip & city:D-37073 Göttingen
Phone:+49 (0)551 48 50 55

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Sprachzentrum Göttingen Language School Location

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