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At Tour FL, we help our students find the proper balance between theory and practice so that they can express themselves naturally in both French and English. Our language classes, whether private or group, offer more than the usual grammar lessons. They do, of course, include a fair amount of theory, but we place particular emphasis on the practical use of language in a professional setting. Conversation is the key to our approach. We ensure that students are given the tools they need to transfer their knowledge of the theory into effective communication. As a result, our conversation-centred approach stresses quickness of speech and spontaneity over passive acquisition. Our private courses are flexible enough to allow us to accommodate the strengths, weaknesses and learning styles of each student. Everyone proceeds at their own pace and gets the help they need. Students meet with their teachers regularly to discuss their progress. During these meetings, the students' individualized training plans are re-assessed and if necessary, adjustments are made. Our group courses allow students to learn with others who have the same language skills and desire to achieve the same linguistic level. In group courses, students can share their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of all. We also take great care to make sure our group classes are uniform. All students in group courses are re-assessed on a regular basis and if necessary, their training plans are adjusted. Conversation Our Conversation Class program focuses on pronunciation, idioms, sentence structure, oral expression, presentations and debates on current topics and interesting themes. We select interesting reading materials and audio-visual aids to stimulate your interest in a topic. You are given plenty of opportunity to practice speaking and listening, by working in pairs and small groups, in a relaxed setting. Our spoken French skills courses will help you * develop and strengthen your oral fluency * improve your pronunciation * broaden your vocabulary * help you understand more informal, idiomatic French * help you communicate in French on day-to-day topics * prepare you for jobs or courses which require you to take part in group discussions We offer two different levels to focus on your different needs. * Intermediate, Advanced * Three hours once per week.

School name:Tour FL
Address:9, Antares drive Nepean
Zip & city:K2E 7V5  Nepean

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Tour FL Language School Location

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