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Unlike most other language schools, we offer French lessons to small groups of 6 students maxi.

6 levels: same knowledge of French guaranteed within each level.

• Semi-intensive courses: Beginner, Elementary 1, Elementary 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2
• Evening courses: Advanced

Our Teachers Method

Our teachers are attentive to your questions and to your personal needs of learning, this will help you to learn in an effective and rapid way. Students are encouraged to express themselves and ask questions.

Their dynamic and efficient teaching is based on :

• The use of up-to-date teaching videos.
• The study of real-life material.
• Lots of student participation in a warm and friendly
We emphasize oral work although reading, grammar and written work are not forgotten.
You will also learn about french life and culture.

Our School Certificates

For the semi-intensive course, there will be a test at the end of each 4 weeks session. Students who score 50% and over will receive the school's 'Certificat privé d'études de langue française'. All other students will receive a certificate to show that they have attended the course.


Which of the following best describes you ?

Elementary 1: You understand and speak a little french but have a limited vocabulary. You can use the present tense, the immediate future (aller+ infinitive: je vais faire) and know very little about the perfect tense "passé composé" (j'ai fait).

Elementary 2 : You speak a little bit more. You know quite well the present, the immediate future (aller+ infinitive: je vais faire), and have studied the perfect tense "passé composé" (j'ai fait) but need to brush up.

Intermediate 1: You are starting to express yourself, you have a basic knowledge of vocabulary and structure. You know the present, future and perfect tenses. You have studied other tenses but haven't quite mastered them yet. Your vocabulary isn't quite up to scratch.

Intermediate 2: You understand and can express yourself well. You have a good general vocabulary. You have a fairly good knowledge of grammar but could do with further revision.

Advanced: Congratulations! You understand and express yourself very well. Your knowledge of grammar is very good but there are still certain points to master. You want to strengthen your knowledge of grammar to better your oral and written comprehension, you want also to improve your written French.

Address:18 rue Martin Bernard
Zip & city:75013  Paris
Phone:+33 (0)1 45 88 05 75

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