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English language schools, Perth, Australia: Perth 'floats' on the Swan River close to the Indian Ocean. It has 100-year-old parks, a car-free centre, and food and drink of every nationality and budget. It's a clean,safe, relaxed, low-cost city with a mediterranean climate, half a day from Asia and 6 hours ahead of Europe. Its people are famously friendly.

World English means educated English that is respected in every country. This is the language that we have taught here since 1998, using the very best materials and methods from around the world, and tested by international examinations such as those of Cambridge University.

English Language Courses
Only for full-time students
GE Foundation Studies teach and practise conversational and written grammar and vocabulary based on a well-organised syllabus. Skills Work helps students to understand, speak, read and write English with authenticity, fluency and confidence. English sounds and spelling conventions are also taught here.

Progress is monitored with weekly tests and a formal 6-weekly Level Test. Students must pass their Level Test to proceed to a higher Level. Each of the 12 levels of the syllabus takes approximately 6 weeks of study

Electives allow students to focus on their preferred choice: different electives are offered at different times of the year, but these are some examples:

* Cambridge PET Exam Preparation: the internationally recognised 'first step' in English language study. Exams are held every two months
* TOEFL Exam Preparation: a complete programme from TOEFL 400 to 550, including practice exams. Exams are held every two months
* Business English: covering all the World English levels, this course prepares participants for the Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) exams, which can be taken in March, June and November
* Living English: uses real-world contemporary materials to practise and extend your English in non-academic contexts.

School name:World English
Address:100 Murray Street
Zip & city:WA 6000 Perth
Phone:(61 8) 9221 8388

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