learn Arabic with Kaleela

If you want to learn Arabic language you probably ask yourself “What do I need to do first in order to learn a new language in the most effective way?”. When you learn Arabic online you do not depend on a teacher that came with its own curricula, but we at Kaleela.com want to give you some great tips for independent learners.

  • Start with the Arabic Alphabet. Because Arabic language has a different script than any other languages, Kaleela is offering an intensive and immersive first course to learn Arabic alphabet.
  • Proceed with vocabulary, meaning try to learn basic Arabic words and basic Arabic sentences. Kaleela’s courses are structured to build knowledge, by adding over what you learned from previous lessons.
  • Afterwards, try to learn the grammar, and Kaleela makes sure to teach proper grammar so you can become an independent speaker.
  • Take writing quizzes. You can’t learn unless you practice, that’s why our Arabic learning app includes writing exercises during and after every topic.
  • Practice what you’ve learned once you completed your lessons by taking part of Kaleela’s quizzes at the end of each topic.
  • Immerse yourself in the language. Arabic language doesn’t consist of only words and grammar structure, that’s why we incorporated Arab culture within our lessons for proper cultural awareness.

If you’re searching for other great tips on how to ease up your Arabic language acquisition, visit us at Kaleela.com and download our Arabic learning app.