Bengali useful phrases

Bengali is a language to the region of eastern South Asia known as Bengal and it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Its writing system is not an alphabetic writing system, it is an alphasyllabary system and the letters run from left to right and spaces are used to separate orthographic words.

If you plan on going to India or Bangladesh, you will need some Bengali phrases for communicating with the native people, this way you can obtain information about their tourist attractions and making your trip an incredible experience. Here you will find a list of the most useful phrases that you need during your trip.

Translation IPA Pronunciation
Hello (Muslims) Assalamu alaikum
Hello (Hindus)
How are you? (informal)
(Tumi) kêmon achho?
How are you? (formal) (Apni) kêmon achhen?
(I'm) fine (Ami) bhalo achhi
How's it going? Ki khôbor?
That's okay/fine Thik achhe
Okay Achchha
Good-bye Allah/khoda hafez
Good-bye Nômoshkar
See you later Pôre dêkha hôbe
Talk to you later Pôre kôtha hôbe
See you again Abar dêkha hôbe
Please (before verbs) Ektu
Please (formal) Dôeakore
Thank you Dhonnobad
I'm sorry Ami khub-i dukkhito
Forgive me (informal) Maph koro
Forgive me (formal) Maph korben
English Ingreji
Bengali Bangla
Nice/good Bhalo
Bad Kharap
Bad Baje
That one Oita
How much does this cost? Eitar dam kôto?
How much does that cost? Oitar dam kôto?
What is your name? (informal) Tomar nam ki?
What is your name? (formal) Apnar nam ki?
My name is ___ Amar nam ___
I can't understand Ami bujhte parchhi na
Can you help me? (informal) Tumi kì amake shahajjo korte parbe?
Can you help me? (formal) Apni kì amake shahajjo korte parben?
I don't know Ami jani na
I don't speak Bangla Ami Bangla bolte pari na
I don't understand Bangla Ami Bangla bujhi na
Do you speak English? (informal) Tumi kì Ingreji bolte paro?
Do you speak English? (formal) Apni kì Ingreji bolte paren?
Could you repeat what you just said? (informal) (Dôeakore) arekbar ektu bolbe?
Could you repeat what you just said? (formal) (Dôeakore) arekbar ektu bolben?
Yes (informal)
Yes (formal) Ji(hê)
No (informal) Na
No (formal) Ji na
What? Ki?
How? Kibhabe?