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Danish useful phrases

Translation Phrase Pronunciation
Danish Cesky dansk
hello dobrý den hi
good-bye na shledanou fah-vel
please prosím
thank you dekuji vám tack
that one tamten DEN-neh haer
how much? kolik vo MY-it
English anglicky ENG-uhlsk
yes ano ya
no ne nigh
may I take your picture? (sg) prominte Mo yigh tay-eh it bill-eth-e a die
may I take your picture? (pl) Na zdraví Mo yigh tay-eh it bill-eth-e a yer
where is the bathroom? Nerozumím vo er toilettet
where do you come from? Kde je toaleta? voor comma doo fra
Do you speak English? Taler du engelsk? tahler doo eng-elsk
generic toast skål skol
I don't understand Jeg forstår ikke
sorry Undskyld
excuse me Undskyld mig

No word directly corresponds to the word “please”. Danish and Finnish express the concept of politeness in a request in various ways. One way is to smile while asking for something, another is to add tak (thank you) to the end of the question: “kan jeg få noget mere at drikke, tak”, although this is more of an anglicised form of Danish.