Gujarati useful phrases

Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language that it is spoken in the Indian state of Gujarat. This language though has not a lot of speakers, it is a flowing language because it has a small vocabulary and its simplicity lies in the less complex and few conjugations of the verbs. Its writing system was derived from Nagari writing system.

If you feel attracted to visit Gujarat, it is important to learn the local language but if you do not have the necessary time you can learn some Gujarati phrases for making easier contact with the local people, so you can enjoy a satisfactory stay, the list below containing useful phrases that you need to know.

Translation Phrase (pronunciation)
Gujarati Gujarati
Hello Kem chho (lit. How are you?)
good-bye Aavjo (lit. Come again)
yes haa
no naa
How much money? Ketla paisa?
Where is your restroom? Tamaru bathroom kya che?
Where are you? Tame kya cho?
I would like to drink some water Mane' pani piwu che
I am thirsty Mane' taras lagi che
I am hungry Mane' bhookh lagi che
What is your name? Tamaru naam su che?
My name is _____. Maru naam _____ che.