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Hebrew useful phrases

Translation Phrase Transliteration
Hebrew ivrit
hello/peace shalom
good-bye lehitra'ot
nice to meet you na'im me'od
please/you're welcome bevakasha
thank you toda
thank you very much toda raba
excuse me/sorry slicha
that one et zeh
how much? kama
how much does it cost? kama zeh oleh?
English anglit
yes ken
no/not lo
generic toast (literally, “to life”) le-chaim
good morning boker tov
good evening erev tov
good night laíla tov
what's happening? ma koreh?
what's happened? ma karah?
one moment! rega!
what's up? ma nishma?
what's up?/what's interesting? ma ha'inyanim?
good tov
where is the restroom? eifo ha-sherutim?
I don't understand (masculine form) ani lo mevin
I don't understand (feminine form) ani lo mevina
Do you speak English (masculine form) atah medaber anglit?
Do you speak English (feminine form) at medaberet anglit?