Italian useful phrases

Translation Phrase Pronunciation
Italian italiano (ee-tah-lee-AN-oh)
hello ciao (chah-oh)
good-bye arrivederci (a-ree-veh-DARE-chee)
please per favore (pehr fa-VOAR-ay)
thank you grazie (GRATS-yeh)
that one quello (KWEL-low) (masculine)
quella (KWEL-lah) (feminine)
how much? quanto (KWAN-tow)
English inglese (in-GLEH-zeh)
yes (see)
no no (no)
sorry scusa (SKOO-za)
scusi (SKOO-zee) (polite treatment)
I don't understand non capisco (non kah pee skoh)
where's the bathroom? dov'è il bagno? (doe VEH eel bah nyoh)
generic toast salute (sall-OO-teh)
Do you speak English? Parla inglese? (formal) (Par-lah een-gleh-zeh)