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Latin useful phrases

Translation IPA (Ecclesastical) Pseudo-English
Latin lingua Latina (lah-TEE-nah)
hello ave! (Ah-vay)
goodbye vale! (vah-lay)
please si placet (see PLAH-chet)
thank you gratias tibi ago (GRAH-tsee-as TI-bee AH-goh)
that one ille/ illa/ illud (ILL-lay, ILL-lah, ILL-lood)
how much? quot? (quote)
yes certe, ita vero (CHAIR-tay)
no non, nullo modo (noan, NUL-loh MO-doh)
sorry ignosce mihi (een-YOH-shay MEE-hee)
I don't understand non comprehendo (noan com-pray-HEN-doh)
where's the bathroom? ubi sunt latrinae? (OO-bee soont lah-TREE-nay)
generic toast salutem! (sah-LOO-taym)
Do you speak English? loquerisne anglice? (loh-quay-RISS-nay AHNG-glee-chay?)