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Tatar useful phrases

Tatars (Tatar), also Tartar, is a collective name applied to the Turkic speaking people of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Most current day Tatars live in the central and southern parts of Russia (the majority in Tatarstan), Ukraine, Poland and in Bulgaria, China, Kazakhstan, Romania, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. They collectively numbered more than 10 million in the late 20th century. Most Tatars are Sunni Muslims.

Translation Phrase
yes äye
no yuq
hello isänme(sez)/sawmi(siz)
hi sälâm
goodbye saw bul(igiz)/xus(igiz)
please zínhar öçen
I min
you sin
he / she / it ul
we bez
you sez
they aler
nation millät
English Ingliz(çä)