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Welsh useful phrases

Translation Phrase Pronunciation
Welsh Cymraeg (kum-RAig)
English Saesneg (SAY-sneg)
Good morning! Bore da! (bo-re da)
Good afternoon P'nawn da (p'nown da)
Welcome Croeso (KROY-so)
Goodbye Da boch chi (da BO-khi)
Good night Nos da (noss da)
Please Os gwelwch chi'n dda (oss GWEL-oo-khin dha)
Thank you Diolch (DEE-olkh)
Thank you very much Diolch yn fawr (DEE-olkh'n vowR)
You're welcome Da chi (dah khee)
No thank you Dim diolch (dim dee-olkh)
(I'm) sorry Mae'n flin gen i (mye'n vleen Gen ee)
Isn't it? Wouldn't it? Aren't they? Won't we? etc Ynte? (un-teh)
Cheers! Good health! Iechyd da! (YEKH-id dah)
No Na (nah)
Yes Ie, Do, Oes, Ydy, etc (EE-eh), (doh), (oyss), (UD-ee) etc.

There are at least 20 words for “yes”.
To answer “yes” you must agree with the question.
  • “Oes...?” (Is there...?) is answered with “Oes” (Yes there is).
  • “Ydy...?” (Is he/she...?) is answered with “Ydy” (Yes he/she is).
  • “Ydw...?” (Am I...?) would however be answered appropriately with “Ydych” (Yes you are) and vice versa.
  • “Ie” (Yes) is only used when a proper question hasn't been asked, or in reply to “Ai...?” (Is it...?).
  • “Do” (Yes I did, Yes you did, etc.) is used in reply to questions in the past tense.