List of dialects of the English language

English Dialects

This is a list of varieties of the English language. Dialects are varieties differing in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar not to be confused with the regional accents of English speakers, which mark speakers as members of groups by their various pronunciations of the standard language.

International classifications
  International English or World English
  Commonwealth English
  North American English
  Mid-Atlantic English
  South Asian English
  East Asian English

European English
British English
England (English English (EngEng))
  Received Pronunciation (Queen's English, BBC English)
Northern English - Teesside
- Geordie (spoken in Northumberland)
- Pitmatic (spoken in Durham)
- Cumbrian
- Tyke (Yorkshire)
- Lancashire
- Mancunian (or 'Manc')
- Scouse (spoken in Merseyside)
East Midlands English - Derbyshire
- Nottinghamshire
- Lincolnshire
- Leicestershire
West Midlands English - Black Country (Yam Yam)
- Brummie (spoken in Birmingham)
- Potteries (North Staffordshire)
- Herefordshire
- Warwickshire
- Worcestershire
East Anglian English - Norfolk dialect (Broad Norfolk)
- Suffolk dialect
South East England - Estuary English
- Cockney (London)
West Country dialects - Somerset
- Devon
- Cornwall
- Dorset
  Scottish English
  Highland English
  Welsh English
  North East English a toned down Scouse/Manchester accent due to English population
  Pembrokeshire dialect
Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland)
  Mid Ulster English
Isle of Man
  Manx English

North America
  African-American Vernacular English (AAVE)
  Appalachian English
  General American
  Nuyorican English
  Hawaiian Pidgin English
  Chicano English
  Native American English (Amerindian English) (see also subtypes below)
  Pennsylvania Dutchified English
  "General American"
Northeastern dialects - Baltimorese
- Boston English
- Northeast Pennsylvania English (Scranton, Pennsylvania-area)
- Hudson Valley English (Albany, New York-area)
- Maine-New Hampshire English
- Philadelphia-area English
- Pittsburgh English
- Providence-area English
- New York-New Jersey English
- Vermont English
Midwest - Inland North American (Lower peninsula of Michigan, northern Ohio and Indiana, Chicago, part of eastern Wisconsin and upstate New York)
- North Central American English (includes Minnesota, North Dakota and some of South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa)
   * Yooper dialect (the variety of North Central American English spoken in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and in some neighboring areas)
- North Midlands English (thin swath from Nebraska to Ohio)
- St. Louis-area English
- Wisconsin-Illinois dialect
Southern English - Appalachian English
- Coastal Southeastern (Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia area)
- Harkers Island English (North Carolina)
- Louisianian English
- Southern Highland English
- South Midlands English (thin swath from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania)
- Texan
- Virginia Piedmont
- Virginia Tidewater
- Yat (New Orleans)
Western English - California English
- Hawaiian English
- Hawaiian Pidgin
- Utah English
- Pacific Northwest English
Bermudian English
Canadian English (CaE)
  Native American English (Amerindian English)
Quebec Quebec English
Maritimes - Newfoundland English
- Cape Breton accent
- Lunenburg English
Ontario - Toronto English
- Ottawa Valley Twang
- Northern Ontario English
Native American English (Amerindian English)
  Mojave English
  Isletan English
  Tsimshian English
  Lumbee English
  Tohono O'odham English
  Inupiaq English

Caribbean English
  Anguillan English
  Bay Islands Creole
  Belizean Creole (Kriol)
  Guyanese Creole
  Jamaican English
  Limón Coastal Creole
  Miskito Coastal Creole
  San Andrés-Providencia Creole
  Trinidadian English

  Burmese English
  Hong Kong English
  Indian English
  Malaysian English (MyE)
  Philippine English
  Singapore English
  Sri Lankan English (SLE)

  Liberian English
  Malawian English
  Nigerian Pidgin English
  South African English

Australian English (AuE) - South Australian English
- Western Australian English
- Australian Aboriginal English
  Fijian English
  New Zealand English

  European English
  Special English

Sign languages based on English
  British Signed English
  US Signed Exact English (SEE)
  Australasian Signed English

Pidgins and creoles
  Cameroonian Pidgin English
  Canton English
  Hawaiian Pidgin
  Sierra Leone Krio language
  Nigerian Pidgin
  Tok Pisin
  Miskito Coastal Creole

The "Ishes"
Benglish (Bengali English)
Chinglish (Chinese English)
Czenglish (Czech English)
Danglish (Danish English)
Dunglish (Dutch English)
Englog (Filipino English)
Engrish (Japanese English)
Finglish (Finnish English)
Franglais (French English)
Genglish/ Ginglish/
(German English)
Hinglish (Hindi English)
Hunglish (Hungarian English)
Konglish (South Korean English)
Colloquial English
(Malaysian English)
Pinglish (Polish English)
Runglish (Russian English)
Serblish (Serbian English)
Singlish (Singaporean English)
Spanglish (Spanish English)
Swenglish (Swedish English)
Taglish (Filipino English)
Tanglish (Tamil English)
Tinglish/Thailish (Thai English)
Vinish (Vietnamese English)
Yeshivish (Yeshiva English)
Yinglish (Yiddish English)

These are portmanteaus devised to describe certain local variants of English. Although similarly named, they are actually quite different in nature, with some being genuine mixed languages, some being instances of heavy code-switching between English and another language, some being genuine local dialects of English used by first-language English speakers, and some being non-native pronunciations of English. A few portmanteaus (such as Greeklish and Pinglish) are transliteration methods rather than any kind of spoken variant of English.