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Philadelphia Slang


Philadelphia Slang are words normally affliated with the City of Philadelphia and its surrounding counties.

The Airport: Philadelphia International Airport
The Bank: Street slang for Wachovia, PNC, Federal Reserve, or anywhere else you might put money.
The Benny: The Benjamin Franklin Bridge
Billy Penn: William Penn (and the associated Billy Penn Curse)
Blue Route: Nickname for I-476 between Chester and the Pennsylvania Turnpike (See Northeast Extension)
C.H.O.P.: The acronym of The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
Copper-colored: Extremely, extremely pissed off
The El: The Market-Frankford Subway-Elevated Line owned by SEPTA
Food: Authentic Philadelphian term for things that are edible. Examples: bread, meat, ice cream.
Iggles: The Philadelphia Eagles football team
K & A: Area of Northeast Philadelphia encompassing the Kensington and Allegheney sections (site of the fictitious Rocky movies)
The Linc: Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles home stadium)
Love Park: J.F.K. Plaza, site of the famous "Love" sculpture
Mummer: Anyone associated with the Mummers Parade and its member brigades.
The Northeast Extension: The Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-476)
Patco: Port Authority operated PATCO High Speedline between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden County, New Jersey
Penn: University of Pennsylvania
The P & W: The former Philadelphia & Western Railroad, now the SEPTA Route 100 line.
The Schuylkill: The Schuylkill Expressway (I-76)
The Shore: The coastal towns of southern New Jersey. Often, "Down the shore"
The Sixers: The Philadelphia 76ers basketball team
The Turnpike: Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76 & I-276)
The Vet: The former Veterans Stadium multi-sport complex (demolished in 2004)
The Walt: The Walt Whitman Bridge
Whiz Wit-Out: Refers to the proper way to order a cheese steak without onions from Pat's King of Steaks.
Yo: An all-purpose exclamation. "Yo, how you doing?" "Yo, look at that."
Youse: You all (you pural)