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 Abanico Spanish Language School

We have designed a Spanish course in Salamanca with proven efficiency, because our method of education is focused on the student which is the cen...
Languages: Spanish

 ACACIAS Spanish School

The School... The school is located in the city centre of Salamanca. It provides 15 classrooms in 3 different floors. On the 3rd floor is the ter...
Languages: Spanish

 Academia Berceo

The ACADEMIA BERCEO is a Spanish Institute founded in 1994 by professional teachers, that through their common experience and feeling for the Spa...
Address: calle Pedro Cojos 7
Languages: Spanish

 Academia Isla

COURSES. Types of Course. - Intensive : The 4 hour-daily version - Intensive Plus: The 5 hour-daily version - Power: The 6 hour-daily version - D...
Address: Plaza de los Basilios, 8
Languages: Spanish

 Academia Tía Tula

OUR SCHOOL Tía Tula is a mid-sized Spanish language school situated in an unbeatable location in the middle of the pedestrion...
Address: c/ Rúa Mayor, 43-47, 1º
Languages: Spanish

 Alhambra Instituto

¿Por qué Alhambra Instituto? "THE SMILE PHILOSOPHY" Since the very beginning, we not only dedicate ourselves to teach our...
Address: C\ Rua Mayor 43-47 , 1ºC
Languages: Spanish


Almar is a centre specialized in the organization of courses for Spanish learners. As part of the learning process of the language we incorporate...
Address: Avda. Filiberto Villalobos 80
Languages: Spanish

 Babelia idiomas

Métodos de Enseñanza Nuestra escuela es un centro joven que apuesta por una oferta variada y personalizada que se adapte a la espec...
Address: calle Peña Primera, 11-13
Languages: Spanish

 Capilla Dorada School

The school is situated in the middle of the historical centre, sharing location with the monumental and commercial area, in a pedestrian and univ...
Address: calle Placentinos, nº 12, Bajo
Languages: Spanish


The purest Spanish If you have decided to travel to Spain to learn or perfect your Spanish, Salamanca is the ideal choice because the purest Span...
Languages: Spanish

 Colegio de España

Methodology Our aim in Colegio de España is not just to teach a foreign language, but to improve the communication skills and comprehensio...
Address: Calle Compañía, 65
Languages: Spanish

 Colegio Delibes

Colegio Delibes is situated in a historical building, five minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor. It has been recently restored, and equipped with th...
Address: Avenida Italia, 21 37007
Languages: Spanish

 Colegio Hispano Continental

WHY SALAMANCA? Salamanca, site of one of Europe's oldest universities. lts cosmopolitan and friendly atmosphere provides a stimulating enviro...
Address: C/ Sorias 13-17
Languages: Spanish

 Colegio Internacional de Salamanca

The School History of the College. Founded in January 1971, for research into and promotion of the Spanish language, the Colegio Internacional de...
Address: Paseo del Rector Esperabé, 49 - 65
Languages: Spanish

 Colegio Unamuno

Our Aula Unamuno © is based on some principles such as: - Simplicity, Usefulness, Satisfaction, Fluency, Correctness Levels: - Level I is fo...
Address: Avda. Reyes de España, 25-27
Languages: Spanish

 DILE. Cursos Internacionales de Españ

The school DILE is situated in the centre of Salamanca, next to the shopping centre and 5 minutes’ walk from the Plaza Mayor, heart of Sala...
Address:  Plaza del Oeste, 3
Languages: Spanish

 don Quijote Spanish Language School

Our School The don Quijote school in Salamanca is located in the heart of the old city centre. The building is 100 meters from the famous Univers...
Address: Calle Placentinos 2 37008
Languages: Spanish

 Enforex Spanish School

Learn Spanish in Salamanca Salamanca, known as the "Golden City," is home to the 2nd oldest university in the world and some of the mos...
Languages: Spanish

 ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL Spanish language school

Escuela Internacional is a member of the following Organizations: * Association International Educators (NAFSA) * Confederación Espa&ntild...
Address:  Calle San Patricio 5 37002 Salamanca (Spain)
Languages: Spanish

 Estudio Internacional Sampere

Spanish Courses Intensive Spanish Course The Intensive Course is a half-day general Spanish course of 20 lessons per week. It is run at every Sam...
Address: calle Arco, 2
Languages: Spanish

 Intérpretes y Traductores Salamanca I.T.S.

I.T.S. began operation in 1993 as a school specializing in courses on interpreting and translation. These specific and very high-level courses we...
Address: San Vicente Ferrer, 7-bajo 4
Languages: Spanish

 La Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (UPSA)

Spanish Language Courses The intensive Spanish language and culture courses that the Pontifical University offers combine a complete and rigorous...
Address: Calle Compañia 5
Languages: Spanish

 Letra Hispánica

Letra Hispánica is a school of Spanish language and hispanic cultures. Our academic and cultural offering is directed to all lovers of the...
Address: calle Libreros, 28
Languages: Spanish

 MESTER Cursos de Español

COURSES Our Department of Teaching Methodologies constantly reviews the methods and materials used in our classes to ensure that the standard of ...
Address:  Vazquez Coronado, 5
Languages: Spanish

 Mester Spanish Language Courses

The school is equipped with spacious modern classrooms, reference library, computer room with Internet access, assembly halls and common rooms fo...
Address: Vazquez Coronado, 5, Salamanca, 37006
Languages: Spanish

 Preston Language Institute

Preston Language Institute is a modern school located in the heart of historic Salamanca, Spain. We are dedicated to the teaching of Spanish, off...
Address: Calle Prado #5 escalera A, 1º. Izq.
Languages: Spanish

 Salamanca Natura

SALAMANCA , where Spanish language teaching has been a special subject since 1987, is a language, culture and tourism studies centre. Here, langu...
Address: calle Libertad, 9 1º
Languages: Spanish

 Spanish Study Holidays

Salamanca is the classic choice for learning Spanish in Spain. The city is where Spanish courses in Spain for foreign students really started. Th...
Languages: Spanish

 Universpain Cursos de español

“Universpain” is a school located on the banks of the River Tormes in Salamanca. It is a brand new building and perfectly equipped to...
Address: C/. Teso de San Nicolás, 23
Languages: Spanish