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Top schools are a good way of show us what are our options to study a new language, there are several options depending of teachers, locations and prices; in the below list you could get more information about languages schools.

Top 100 Language schools  

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Inlingua Paderborn
unsere Methode ...ein Konzept, dass Sie kennenlernen sollten! "Das Ding hat Methode", sagt der Volksmund, wenn er eine durchdachte Vorgehensweise a...
Address: Rathenaustrasse 16 a

Inlingua Nürnberg

Our Philosophy: The following principles guarantee your learning success with inlingua: - The courses concentrate on your individual language nee...
Address: Willy-Brandt-Platz 10

Canadian Business English Institute
CBEI’s Teaching Philosophy: The Canadian Business English Institute’s teaching philosophy is to use a learner-centred and content-based approach in t...
Address: 400-1130 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6E 4A4

Academia Isla

COURSES. Types of Course. - Intensive : The 4 hour-daily version - Intensive Plus: The 5 hour-daily version - Power: The 6 hour-daily version - D...
Address: Plaza de los Basilios, 8

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Granada

Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas Son centros públicos que imparten enseñanza especializada de idiomas y se ubican en el sistema educat...
Address: IES La Madraza. Ctra. de Maracena, s/n

Euro Estudios Granada

The School Euro Estudios Granada is a private school. Located in the centre of the city, we are only 15 minutes away from the Alhambra and the Al...
Address: Camino de Ronda 66

Inlingua Luzern
inlingua International Inc., with its headquarters in Berne Switzerland, is one of the largest international language school organizations and is loca...
Address: Löwen Center Zürichstrasse 5

The HEIDELBERGER PÄDAGOGIUM was founded in 1969 by two High School teachers with the objective to coach pupils and university students. Since that ...
Address: Schröderstr. 22a

Inlingua Geneva

What Inlingua has to offer? The choice is yours: individual or group courses; intensive crash courses or special private coaching; diploma course...
Address: Rue du Léman, 6

Cambridge International College
Cambridge International College is located in the centre of Melbourne and is close to universities, shopping, restaurants and public transport. Cam...
Address: Lvl 3, 297 Hay Street

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