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Our articles are full of information and tips on how to learn Arabic language, facts about Arab culture and Arabic dialects. Thus, it will be easier for you to pick your favorite topics.

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Kaleela was created for anyone who struggled to find resources while trying to learn Arabic online.

Arabic Alphabet

Arabic language has a different script from many other languages, it is important for beginners to learn Arabic alphabet first. This online Arabic course is on three levels, each showing how to write Arabic letters along with audios and videos. Course includes Alphabet basics, Alphabet shapes and Long and short vowels.

Modran stranded Arabic
Modern Standard Arabic

This online Arabic course is tailored for non-native speakers to learn the foundation of Arabic language, containing daily usable vocabulary. Once students have a grasp of the basics, they can move on to any of the Arabic dialects.

Egyptian Dialect
Egyptian Dialect

Arabic speaking countries developed regional dialects. Egyptian Arabic is widely known due to the produced movies and TV shows. The region itself attracts many travelers and foreign workers, and learning the local dialect truly helps in day to day situations. Arabic speaking countries have their own dialect. Egyptian Arabic gained popularity due to the plethora of media productions filmed in the region. Plus, Egypt is a hotspot for travelers and foreign workers; day to day life would be easier learning the dialect.

Jordanian Palestinian Dialect
Jordanian Palestinian Dialect

There aren’t many resources on the market for Palestinian – Jordanian dialect and most of the time, these materials don’t focus on this Arabic dialect and prefer to mention it under the general “Levantine” category. Thus, Kaleela fills this gap with its Arabic learning app.


When developing Kaleela, the creators took into consideration the five language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Culture. Thus, when a student is fully immersed in the language, speaking fluently should not take long. The topics make sure to enhance written and spoken Arabic as well.


Kaleela incorporated lessons and exercises that asks the student to listen the words and letters presented so students can practice their listening comprehension.


This skill is closely related to Listening and Speaking and can enhance both. A student ability to learn to read Arabic is crucial.


After listening, students are asked to repeat the audio message so they can learn to speak Arabic fluently.


By writing, the students get a better grasp of Arabic vocabulary and grammar.

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