Arab culture

Know Arab culture with Kaleela

There’s no secret that the Arab culture is rich and interesting. The cuisine, the literature, the music… Culture also influences the way a language is spoken. Arabs are very polite people and as an example, this is why Arabic language has a lot of greetings and words that define etiquette, all of this due to the Arab culture. Thus, an increasing number of linguists agree that culture can be considered as the 5th language learning skill. Kaleela wants to make sure that, as a student, you would not only learn Arabic language, but also Arab culture and here’s how:

  • Topics that are in Modern Standard Arabic, but also the same ones available for Arabic dialects. Since Arab world is so spread, it was only natural that the locals developed dialects.
  • Arabic writing is deeply influenced by Arab culture. Poetry is very important for Arab. Reason why Arabic calligraphy had to be aesthetically pleasing. Kaleela’s initial course that focused on how to write Arabic letters teaches the proper path to follow when practicing the Arabic writing.
  • Arab culture is intertwined with religion, thus it influenced how natives speak when greeting each other. You can find out more in our “Greetings” topic in Kaleela’s Arabic learning app.
  • Arab culture even dictated what terms the Arabic language has for the times of day. Arabs count the clock depending on the five prayer times, so when you learn Arabic language, you will be able to pin point a time of day more accurately than just vaguely saying “noon” or “evening”. Kaleela contains a topic explaining these terms.

If you want to see more tips on how to learn Arabic language, please feel free to check and download our Arabic learning app.