Learning Arabic for beginners

Learning Arabic for beginners with Kaleela

Any student that wishes to start to learn Arabic language asked himself “where can I find learning Arabic for beginners courses and what to study first?”. Kaleela’s Arabic learning app can help advanced learners, but also beginners, and here’s is how you can start:

  • Know that Arabic has more than one version to it, Modern Standard Arabic and many Arabic dialects. Choose what you want to learn and stick to it. You will find available courses the previously mentioned on the Arabic learning app
  • An Arabic alphabet extensive course. When a language has a different writing system than your own, you should start to learn Arabic alphabet Kaleela has different levels for this course.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t rush into learning phrases, at the beginning learn basic Arabic words and move on once you feel you are ready. This is the reason why Kaleela is structured on levels.
  • Build upon the knowledge you already have. When you already master the basic words, try compiling upon that knowledge and soon you will be making sentences independently.
  • Focus on the words and letters you cannot pronounce until you master them. That’s why Kaleela included precise audios for letters and words which you can always listen to them continuously.
  • Practice what you’ve learned. Spend a few minutes to review your knowledge and take the quizzes on the Arabic learning app
  • Try and learn the grammar. When you start to learn Arabic language, grammar might not be your focus, but Kaleela has some basic grammar lessons which will help you build accurate structures.

If you want to see more tips on how to learn Arabic language, please feel free to check Kaleela.com and download our Arabic learning app.