Learn basic Arabic words

Learn basic Arabic words with Kaleela

One common request from any student that started to learn Arabic online independently without taking a course is to learn basic Arabic words. This is a good strategy once you finished to learn Arabic alphabet and here’s what else you can do with the help of Kaleela’s Arabic learning app:

  • Make a list of topics you want to learn about. Maybe you want to learn Arabic Dialects or Modern Standard Arabic, or maybe a bit of both, it is best to know what you want to start with. You can choose a topic from Kaleela’s app that contains usable daily vocabulary.
  • Once you chose your topics, start to learn basic Arabic words related to them. Once memorized, you don’t need a lot of new words to able to form sentences on your own.
  • Next step is to turn to reading. When you learn to read in Arabic, you will add more words to your vocabulary. Kaleela’s Arabic learning app constantly introduces new topics with written and spoken words.
  • It is easier now to learn basic Arabic words through technology. No need to attend classes or carry books anymore, the possibility to learn Arabic online has never been more accessible.
  • If you learn basic Arabic words, you should hear them spoken by Arab speakers. That’s why Kaleela’s Arabic learning app recorded audios from native speakers so you can learn the proper Arabic pronunciation.
  • Be patient with yourself. Learning new vocabulary takes time, so if you feel like you need to refresh your memory, you can always revise your lessons. On Kaleela you can choose which topic you want to start with and you can go back to previously visited lessons.

If you want to see more tips on how to learn Arabic language, please feel free to check Kaleela.com and download our Arabic learning app.