Learn Levantine Arabic

Learn Levantine Arabic with Kaleela

Levantine Arabic is the common dialect spoken in the Levant area: Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon. Even though these countries have some differences in speech, Levantine Arabic is pretty standardized across the region. We at Kaleela.com believe that this is one of the Arabic dialects that should be given serious consideration and here’s why:

  • It will enable you to speak with Arabs everywhere. Levantine Arabic is understood all across the Arab world, which is an advantage when you are thinking of travelling to multiple countries.
  • The Levant is a popular destination point. Be it for leisure, work or studying, Levantine Arabic would help you roam around the area easier. Kaleela’s Arabic learning app contains usable daily vocabulary put together for that purpose.
  • Studying Levantine Arabic will make it easier for you to start learning other Arabic dialects. There are a few similarities between some dialects and you can check them out from the ones available on Kaleela.
  • The Levant is among the most profitable and most stable regions in Middle East, so if you’re planning to move there, Levantine Arabic will be handy.
  • Levantine Arabic is the simplified version of Modern Standard Arabic, which should make it easier for you to learn to speak Arabic faster.

If you want to see more tips on how to learn Arabic language, please feel free to check Kaleela.com and download our Arabic learning app.