Learn to speak Arabic

Learn to speak Arabic with Kaleela

We at Kaleela.com understand that there might be a few obstacles to overcome when starting to speak a new language, especially when it comes to Arabic language. This couldn’t be further from the truth, Arabic should be treated as any other language learned. Here we want to show why the Arabic learning app Kaleela enhances the speaking skill of the student:

  • Exercises that make you listen as much as you can, as frequently as you can. Speaking cannot be developed without enhancing your listening skill in order to replicate. That’s why Kaleela is packed with clear audios throughout all the courses.
  • Imitate native speakers. The audios were recorded by native Arabic speakers in order for you to fully grasp the Arabic pronunciation, even when it comes to Arabic dialects.
  • Voice recognition feature that shows the accuracy of the spoken words and letters whenever you record on our app. Alongside the audios, the courses have speaking exercises which asks you to replicate what you heard so you can learn to speak Arabic.
  • Focusing on communication. Once you passed the point where you learn basic Arabic words, the more advanced levels of the app have a listening and speaking lesson after each topic so you can practice free speech effectively.

We are fully aware that speaking Arabic takes practice and time. The Arabic alphabet is unique and the words are pronounced differently. This might seem a bit intimidating for a new learner, and this is the reason why we recommend checking our site and downloading our Arabic learning app.