Arabic letters

How to write Arabic letters with Kaleela

When you start to learn Arabic language, you may have noticed how unique the Arabic alphabet is. We are here to provide some tips and on how to write the Arabic letters so you memorize the alphabet faster:

  • Arabic script is written from left to right, so make sure you are in a comfortable position when writing.
  • Practice makes perfect. At the beginning, the shapes might not come out quite right, but invest time practicing the shape of each letter over and over again. This will develop the necessary muscle memory to write each letter without having to think about it.
  • Follow videos on how to write Arabic letters. Because the script is from left to right, you might not be used on what path to follow so the letter shapes come out properly. Kaleela’s Arabic learning app has an intensive Arabic alphabet course that contains videos that shows how to write cursively and easily the letters, from their start point to the end.
  • Don’t be afraid to see constantly check Romanization of the Arabic letters. This term is called transliteration, and it is very effective for beginner students to memorize the sound of a letter.

When you finally learn how to write Arabic letters, you will notice that the flow of the Arabic writing is quite enjoyable, so if you want to see more tips on how to learn Arabic language, pay us a visit at or download our Arabic learning app.