Learn to read Arabic efficiently

Learn to read Arabic efficiently with Kaleela

It is known that language learning is progressive, not necessarily linear and as any process, it needs time. When students start to learn Arabic language, it is highly recommended that they start to learn Arabic alphabet first so they can comprehend what they read. Today we want to give some tips on how you can learn to read Arabic efficiently with Kaleela.

  • Find material that is bilingual, this way you can easily associate the Arabic writing with your own native language. This is why Kaleela comes with courses available in many languages.
  • Find material that is attractive. If you are a person that responds well to visual stimuli, make sure your material fits your liking. Kaleela included videos, images and sounds that stimulate the perceptive senses.
  • Arab culture is intertwined with religion, thus it influenced how natives speak when greeting each other. You can find out more in our “Greetings” topic in Kaleela’s Arabic learning app.
  • Find material that is interesting, useful, comprehensible and contains progressive content. When compiling the course material, the creators of Kaleela decided to not stick to stiff grammar schemes and vocabulary lists. Instead, if you want to learn Arabic language, you should be able to use the reading material in your day to day life, starting from basic words to more advanced reading structures, and that is what Kaleela offers.

With this being said, you can see how these tips can be universally applied no matter if you’re learning Arabic language or studying for an exam. However, learn to read Arabic first, and then you will find it easier to evolve to speaking fluently. If you want to see more tips, please visit us at Kaleela.com or download our app.